Modify Litter Genie XL to Make the FIRIK Refill Cartridge Work for It

firik litter genie refill

Hello, guys who have Litter Genie pail, this blog can help you save a lot of money!

After you have a try of FIRIK refill and you will find it is better and cheaper than the official one!

FIRIK refill bag consists of 7 layers of insulating materials, which can lock bacteria and odors in cat litter refill effectively. Each FIRIK refills bag is 21 feet long and one refill cartridge lasts up to 12 weeks for 1 cat, 4 refill cartridges will up to 12 months. It’s more cost-effective than other litter refill bags.

You just need to modify the Litter Genie XL pail as the video shows then the FIRIK refill cartridge can work for the pail. The modification won’t affect the use of the Litter Genie XL pail use.

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