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We are a young company, and the average age of our employees is not more than 25 years old, so we know better what our customers need and are more willing to research exclusive products belonging to our company. We are also happy to serve customers, and customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit.

There is no doubt that FIRIK litter bag refill cassette is the best seller on firikshop in present and this is also our most proud work. We spent countless days and nights and found many factories producing raw materials to design this garbage bag, so as to ensure that we can bring customers the most economical and cost-effective products on the premise of ensuring profits.

 And since we were out of stock in US, we have to ship from China. It will takes about 8 -15 days to arrival  in US. This is much slower than our original delivery speed,  however, there are still many customers who are willing to wait for this international delivery time. For this reason, we are very grateful to customers for their trust in us and their love for litter bags.

  • Advantages of our litter bags
  • Compatible with Litter Genie Standard and Litter Genie Plus pail disposal system, be attention that DO NOT FIT litter genie XL
  • Odor lock and durable – 7 layers that work together to help to lock in the smell .
  • Large capacity – Each refill cartridge offers 21 feet long bags which lasts up to 12 weeks for 1 cat. 4 refills will up to 12 months. Each refill cartridge is 7 Ft longer than the originals.
  • Easy to Setup: To start the refill, pull the plastic tab on the refill and remove the plastic seal. From the larger opening where you pulled the tab, pull the film up and out of the refill
  • Cheaper alternative – Excellent quality and reasonable price.

We are still a young company. In many ways, we still have shortcomings, but we will work hard to improve the shortcomings and bring better products and better services to customers. If you have any questions, please email us or add ourr whatsapp  to get coupons. Thanks you all.

Company: Dongguan Orange Pie E-commerce Co., Ltd.
Service Email: [email protected]